Learn the keys to recovering well so you can train harder, get injured less often and achieve more. Warm ups, cool downs, stretching, massage, sleep cycles and cold training are explained and outlined so you can implement them into your routine.


Is this right for me?


If you’re one to skip a warm up or leave before the cool down then this is for you! Most of us can do better when it comes to rest and recovery. In this eBook we layout some fundamental keys of recovery. This book is sharp and to the point, giving you the information you need without overwhelming you with strenuous details. If you’re looking for a practical aid to help you take your recovery up a notch, then look no further.


What's included?


· 21-page eBook

· Explanations of key recovery principles

· Example warm up

· Key stretches to aid recovery



The is an eBook, which once purchased can be downloaded to your device and saved to have forever.

Rest & Recovery

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