Level Up is designed to shock your energy systems with intense cardiovascular workouts, interval training and weighted circuits. This will improve your general fitness and strength, which helps prevent muscle fatigue.


Is this right for me?


This program is designed to kick start your training. If you need to improve your fitness and strength, this is what you’re after.


What's included?

  • 193-page eBook
  • Training principles explained
  • 6 weeks of programmed workouts
  • Dozens of individual exercises and variations
  • 4 workouts per week
  • Varied workouts to avoid fatigue
  • High intensity, circuit, cardio and targeted workouts
  • Detailed descriptions of each exercise
  • Demo picture sequence to show progression
  • Linked demo videos for complex exercises
  • Workouts and exercises evolve as you progress through the weeks with some fundamental exercises repeated and expanded upon.



The program format is an e-book. Once purchased it can be downloaded to your device and saved to use again and again.



The program is 6 weeks long but can be repeated or integrated into existing training when complete.

Equipment required


  • A medium pair of dumbbells (This varies depending on your strength level. For reference, women in the trial used 5kg dumbbells while the men used 10kg dumbbells.)
  • A chair or bench 
  • 4 outdoor workouts require space to run

Level Up

GST Included