Launch is designed to increase your power, strength and speed so that your movement has maximum impact and wow factor. This includes higher leaps, more hang time in your jumps and increased ability to land harder tricks. Our 6-week workout program is founded on plyometric exercises. This is supplemented with strength and speed specific workouts which are crafted to work in sync to maximize results. Workouts and exercises evolve as you progress through the weeks with some fundamental exercises repeated and expanded upon.


Is this right for me?


If you want to make your movement more dynamic and explosive, this is program for you. Add a couple of inches to your leaps to make them look incredible. Strengthen your legs and improve your explosivity.


What's included?

  • 197-page eBook
  • Training principles explained
  • 6 weeks of programmed workouts
  • Dozens of individual exercises and variations
  • 4 workouts per week
  • Varied workouts to avoid fatigue
  • Detailed descriptions of each exercise
  • Demo picture sequence to show progression
  • Linked demo videos for complex exercises


The program format is an eBook. Once purchased it can be downloaded to your device and saved to use again and again.


The program is 6 weeks long but can be repeated or integrated into existing training when complete.

Equipment required


  • Chair, bench or something to jump off
  • 4 outdoor workouts require space to run


GST Included