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We empower dancers to become the best they can be, through innovative training programs. Strength & conditioning programs that bridge the gap between the rich tradition of dance training and the ever-evolving understanding of the human body. 

Our Story 

Dominique grew up in Southern California and began taking dance classes at the age of four. She fell in love with dance and dedicated all her time to it. She was homeschooled and trained 6 days a week alongside her twin sister. They trained hard, ate healthy and avoided distractions. Together they gave it everything they had, they motivated and pushed each other. Dominique’s whole childhood revolved around dance, traveling to competitions and performances, attending summer intensives and seeing shows. By the time she was 10 she was training 30 hours a week in the studio. Dance was her whole life. 


Life eventually took its toll and Dominique found herself with an Achilles injury that nearly stopped her in her tracks. She found herself in a doctor’s office being told that her injury was serious. “Perhaps you’re physically unable to be a dancer, in the long term.” She found herself with a moon boot on one foot and a doctor’s note in her hand. She was told to not dance for 6 months… she didn’t make it 6 weeks. Dominique was desperate to ensure that she was not labelled injured at such a vital stage of training. For a few weeks she wore her moon boot all day then would drive to dance, take it off and walk inside and train like nothing was wrong. 


It’s the pressure she put on herself that drove her to do such a thing. After all, a career in dance is short and every class you miss, your competition gets further and further away. The pressure at such a young age and the incredible strain you have to put your body through to compete, is a recipe for injury. The chances are you’ve suffered such an injury or know someone who has. For several weeks she held on, gritting her teeth and training through the pain. Then came a point when the pain became too sharp and she had to stop. Frustrated and upset at the injustice of injuries she watched from the sidelines… not knowing when, or if, she’d ever be able to dance at that level again. 


Steve grew up in Queensland, Australia, and he had his own dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. He had a string of lower back injuries that hampered him throughout his later teens years and suffered a broken collar bone midway through a season. Frustrated at his own body he started studying to become a personal trainer so he could construct his own training plans. Captivated at what he was learning, he was all the more annoyed at having been trained incorrectly throughout his teen years. It created a thirst to learn as much as he could about the human body and how it works. Steve is an avid reader and still consumes books about the various aspects of health & fitness. 


Dominique and Steve met in Sydney, Australia, where they had both moved to continue their studies. They married after a couple of years and eventually began training together. 


Steve had been training in the gym for years by that point and when Dominique finally agreed to come and do a workout with him, he was astonished at how little she knew about working out. For someone who’d spent years training, who was in excellent shape to barely know the basics about fitness and strength training was crazy to him. Once she began to enjoy training together, Steve suggested they start from scratch and build her body back up. Dominque graciously agreed and over the past couple of years they’ve built those physical foundations into her physique. 


Most sports have some fundamental elements in common: fitness or endurance, running technique, key athletic movements, strength work and transitional moves. Most ball sports for instance, have the same physical foundations. Dance as a whole, focuses more on skills and technique. Those are both important but if your body isn’t at a level to match, you’re very likely to get injured. 


With a solid base of cardio vascular fitness, core strength, physical strength, and technique, your skill and talent will get the platform they deserve. That’s why we founded Artisan Athletes. We want to help you take your body to the next level, so you can avoid injury and grow into the best dancer you can be. 



We love going on adventures and making memories. The day this picture was taken we drove to the coast and hiked to this point and saw a pod of whales!  


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